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great quality and service!
Product: Spring Puppy Dog Harness Box Set
Posted By: Kim Goss
My parcel was shipped within 1-2 hrs of placing my order. And I can't believe how fast it arrived considering I live in Canada. The quality of everything is great and the harness is nice and soft, not too heavy and fits wonderfully.
Love the colors!
Product: Boo Dog Harness Box Set
Posted By: Dawn
We love this set. My pug Diamond looks fabulous in this color.
Girly and Beautiful
Product: Spring Puppy Dog Harness Box Set
Posted By: N/A
Love this feminine pink for my princess, the material is so soft yet durable and the soft pink just radiates off her black velvet fur. The whole set just makes her prance around in style.
Diggin this
Product: Diggin Denim Dog Leash
Posted By: N/A
This leash is so soft its incredible but the kicker is the clasp to be able to easily wrap the leash around the chair leg or table leg when taking your pup out to eat. Its so stylish and functional
Product: The Wild Dog Collar
Posted By: N/A
I always feel feisty when I wear this collar, and it looks good on any dog, especially fawn pugs! Rawr!
Product: Spring Puppy Dog Collar
Posted By: N/A
the soft pink color is beautiful and so feminine on any gorgeous girl, my puppy barely notices she has it on.
Love the Material
Product: Diggin Denim Dog Collar
Posted By: N/A
LOVE LOVE the material its so soft to touch and the red on the inside really adds a little pop to things.
Fantastic harness
Product: Chic Noir Dog Harness
Posted By: Nicole
My little Pug loves this harness. The best feature is the expandable neck. It has been difficult to find a harness that fits comfortably around her neck. The straps are nice and soft and don't dig in and the harness has been beautifully made. I highly recommend the Winston Manner harnesses.
Pink Perfection!
Product: Little Miss Pink Dog Leash
Posted By: @Spankythepug
This pink lead (as well as the collar) is the nicest set we own next to the other Winston Manner set in Gold. (We're brand new loyal customers!) While I can't say enough about the importance of the softness of the collar on my dogs neck, the visual impact, quality and added features of this leash is in its own category. It's definitely strong and secure, yet still soft. Love having the added clip by the handle- didn't think I'd get much use out of it but it has already carried my car keys and waste bags. And I'm obsessed with this color! Will definitely be buying more!
Five Stars Plus!
Product: Little Miss Pink Dog Collar
Posted By: @Spankythepug
When you and your adorable pup meet someone new on the street, typically it's your dog that was the ice breaker. People have quickly taken in most about your pooch before noting the details of what you're wearing. So a collar, lead or harness is your dogs best accessory and first impression. That's why I fell in love with it online but what would it be like in person? First of all, look at this color! It's perfection. The collar is generously sized to be adjusted in either direction and still look good. The charm is of unbelievable high quality too. Most of all, the collar is super soft- it's nice to know that's what's sitting around my little diva's neck. Everything I've stated applies to the matching lead as well, and obviously the lead is the most visible item when you're out and about. We can't wait to order more! Thanks Winston Manner!
Product: Golden Yellow Dog Leash
Posted By: @Spankythepug
Let me just say I'm loving this unexpected flash of awesome yellow on my fawn pug! It's popping in photos and has received so many compliments because it looks so unlike all that's out there and he looks so handsome. I received the lead with the collar so a more thorough review is there- and I highly suggest purchasing the pair together. Once you examine the quality, the softness and yet tough durability, you'll be sold!
Best Collars We Own!
Product: Golden Yellow Dog Collar
Posted By: @Spankythepug
Think about this: The collar and leash (or harness) is usually your dogs only accessory. Therefore it should make a good first impression! Now on to the review. First of all, this color on my male, fawn pug was not what I expected- it's FABULOUS! I thought only my black pug could carry off the color but boy was I wrong. As far as quality, well it's nice to see a status symbol product backed by superior quality. (Same is true for the matching lead) when I order online, I'm always worried about measuring correctly and whether the merchandise fits properly. I couldn't wrong with this- it is sized generously in either direction. It's soft, perfect stitching and the charm has substance- it's in no way a cheap trinket. I plan on being a loyal Winston Manner customer from here on in. Thank you Winston!
Product: My Prints Dog Harness Box Set
Posted By: Ann
We have had our collar,harness & leash set for several weeks now & absolutely love it! The design of the harness is excellent so our big boy (42kg boxer) cannot pull out of it.The fabric is soft yet strong & sturdy. I love the fact it doesn't rub & irritate. I have had to wash the harness & it dries very quickly not like others that can take days. Love the extra clip at the hand piece on the leash for securing around a pole. Clever idea! Over the moon to be a proud owner of a Winston Manner set.
Absolutely amazing!!!
Product: My Prints Dog Harness Box Set
Posted By: Jessie
Let's start off with how amazing the packaging is. The packaging alone is luxury. And I have to add, the shipping time was outstanding. The product itself? I couldn't fault it. The materials on the collar, lead and harness is so soft yet practically and sturdy. It doesn't rub against my dog or irritate him in the slightest. It's like he can hardly tell it's there. The design is awesome, too. I love the bright colours. I loved how luxurious these products are. You truly feel like your pooch has the best harness, collar and leash on the block, and if he's wearing Winston Manner then he probably does. I could never fault these products at all. Absolutely outstanding!! Xx
Excellent quality
Product: My Prints Dog Harness Box Set
Posted By: @veryimportantpug
It's absolutely "made with love" harness, leash and collar set. The excellent quality is not to be overlooked! It's very soft and beautiful. My pug ist about 8 kg, it fits perfect and we love it! Thank you winstonmanner !
Love this!
Product: Spring Puppy Dog Leash
Posted By: Cherry
This is such great quality and super pretty! Plus we LOVE the extra clip on the end for all our coffee stops! Awesome lead!
Divine dahhhhling!
Product: Chic Noir Dog Collar
Posted By: Bessie Pug and her human, Lisa
We just LOVE the Chic Noir designs from Winston Manner! So stylish and striking. Beautifully soft and easy to care for. They wash up extremely well when dirty or after the beach. We've had so many compliments and comments from strangers and friends alike. Confirmation of the order and quick delivery was spot on. Couldn't be happier!
Product: My Prints Dog Leash
Posted By: Peyton
Great for taking pets out to restaurants! Being able to enjoy the day without getting tangled
Love Love Love!
Product: Chic Noir Dog Harness
Posted By: Amber
I absolutely love this harness! It is beautifully made. All of the detailing, hardware, and buckles are of very high quality. I think that my favorite feature has to be the straps. All of my previous harnesses had the typical rough-feeling, rigid straps. These straps are so soft, and I’m sure much more comfortable. You have exceeded my expectations! Thank you!!
Super comfy!
Product: Royal Blue Dog Leash
Posted By: Rocky
Rocky is loving his new leash! It is so soft for his owner to hold that they are taking him for more walks now!
Love it!
Product: Royal Blue Dog Collar
Posted By: Rocky
Rocky is so excited to have his new gorgeous blue collar! It is so comfy!
Perfect for active dogs
Product: Racy Red Dog Leash
Posted By: April G
This leash is wonderful and it looks good! My dog is very active and has broken several leashes already, and this one is holding up very well. I love the extra loop for when we go out, he can be hooked onto something, otherwise he would definitely run off!
Tough enough for very active dogs
Product: Racy Red Dog Collar
Posted By: April G
This collar has do far sustained running, hiking, swimming and wrestling without any problems. It is definitely well-made and of very high quality.
Love the color!
Product: Golden Yellow Dog Collar
Posted By: Gwen
This color is amazing! I put it on my black dog and it looked amazing! Now lets talk about the actual collar, it is completely adjustable and flexible material that still has tons of strength and isn't cheaply made. It also comes with a Winston Manner charm that you can engrave your dogs name on, beautiful!
Beautiful Product
Product: Chic Noir Dog Harness Box Set
Posted By: Gwen
This is an amazing gift set! It comes in beautiful high quality packaging that makes you feel you are getting a luxury product, and when you open the box you are not disappointed! The material is so soft and flexible and the quality is impeccable! the design and fabric is beautiful, I use this as my dogs fancy harness for special events because it is so just that beautiful!
Super soft!
Product: My Prints Dog Collar
Posted By: Gwen
This collar is beautiful, the colors are so bright they really pop! and the material is super soft and flexible not stiff like other brands. Love the easy clasp as well, makes it a snap to take it off and on!
Product: Spring Puppy Dog Leash
Posted By: Gwen
Love this leash, we have the matching collar too! The leash is amazing because of the extra clasp so if you take your poochie outdoors to eat with you and need to tie the leash up around a chair leg its so easy, just clap it together! And the material is so incredibly soft but yet strong and durable! love it!
Love it!
Product: Chic Noir Dog Leash
Posted By: Keyspugs
So soft and well made! Love the pattern! Great product!!
Product: My Prints Dog Harness
Posted By: Gwen
Love this harness! The colors are so vibrant against my pugs dark black velvet fur! The harness is adjustable at the neck and the ribs an so super soft! The quality is impeccable!
Awesome leash!
Product: My Prints Dog Leash
Posted By: Baelfire's mom
This leash is one of the best I've owned. It is a perfect length for controlling your dog, it's extra clip is very convenient, the design is very sturdy and though, and the print is so very cute!
Product: The Wild Dog Harness
Posted By: Grumpy and Ma
This is THE harness to have. It's super soft, it's wild, and it puts a definite spring in my little GrumpyPug's step. We've never had a beautiful harness like this before and we get stopped almost every day by people commenting on the stylish design. We're really happy about this. Quite the amazing product and top quality!
Love this!
Product: Spring Puppy Dog Harness
Posted By: Amber & Midge
Absolutely love this product!
The harness adjusts for a perfect fit and we've had so many compliments on how stylish it looks when we go for walks! Highly recommend to everyone, 5 stars!
Very Impressive
Product: My Prints Dog Harness Box Set
Posted By: Anna
We absolutely love this beautifully packaged box set. The print is so cheerful and bright and more importantly, the products are all amazing quality. We were so happy to open this box.
Great quality product
Product: My Prints Dog Collar
Posted By: Anna
We are so impressed with the attention to detail. Beautiful finish and design. Sturdy fabric material and yet still retains a soft feel. Great clasp too!
Perfect Fit
Product: My Prints Dog Harness
Posted By: Anna
We have tried a few harnesses before, mainly for car travel, but when used for walking our dog, the area around the neck and shoulders is too loose. This adjustable design around the body and neck/shoulders allows for a perfect fit. We absolutely love this design and can highly recommend it. Great quality
Our Favourite Leash
Product: My Prints Dog Leash
Posted By: Anna
We absolutely love this bright signature print and the functionality of the extra clip. With other leashes we have had to struggle to lift table legs, chairs to secure our pup if we are eating out. This new clip makes things so much easier to tie your pup when you need to.
Love the extra clasp
Product: My Prints Dog Leash
Posted By: Jo Ann
I have fallen in love with the extra clasp for tying your dog up. I never knew I missed it until now
Wild Thing
Product: The Wild Dog Harness
Posted By: Frances
We love this wild design, it is not only very soft and comfortable to wear our baby looks adorable in it. He seems to strut his stuff in his Winston Manner designs.


Ref & I have been using the Winston Manner harness, collar & lead sets for the past 3 months as our preferred pug swag when we head out. We’ve been to pug meets, Million Paws Walk, A Pooch Affair in Canberra and on walks & outings and Ref has been the most fashionable pug around (I may be just a bit biased in that statement though). And now I am here to tell you all about Winston Manner, why you’ll love it too and where you can get it from.

Who is it best for?
Winston Manner is perfect for every dog, big or small. With a good range of designs available and both collars and harnesses being adjustable, you are bound to find the perfect collar, harness and lead for your pug. These are not your average designs either so all fashion forward pups are going to adore these pieces. Comfortable, practical and stylish, Winston Manner is what all dogs of shapes and sizes will want to wear.READ MORE


We received an official Winston Manner Harness, collar and leash box set in the bouncy ball design from our pug pal, Aussie and CEO… Winston himself! So we thought we would take the time to write a little review after testing it out.

Our honest opinion is… we absolutely love it, No bones about it! From the cute detail on the harness, collar and leash, the design, the bright colours to the way it was packaged. Everything is on point and excellently executed! the set is such good quality and better than your average pet shops for sure! It just has such a high class feel to it. READ MORE


Axl wears his Winston manner red collar no matter what the day brings.  A normal day for Axl can include running, swimming, floating & sun bathing, splashing in the creek, hiking, bobbing for fish & fruit, wrestling with cats, sprinting in the sand, and chasing tennis balls.  The red collar has not stretched, faded, or torn and dries quickly.  It is of very high quality, soft & light-weight, stain-resistant, and can handle a dog that pulls their owner along behind them.  This collar is very strong but yet is comfortably worn by the dog.  Follow Axl and his adventure on Instagram @AXLTHERUNNINGPUG