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The Art of Rescuing

Posted by Winston Manner on 27th May 2016

A year ago my family rescued a Pug from PugSOS, Mr Pickles. This was the family's first ever rescue dog and boy we didn't know what we were in for!!

We had been looking for a dog for grandma and she didn't want a puppy..... Being the delightful model pug that I am grandma fell in love with pugs so we started to look for a rescue.

We found Mr Pickles, we did a meet and greet and a home stay for a week where we all fell in love with him. Mr Pickles was rescued from a shed out west, he had been tied up and left to starve, you could see in his eyes that he was broken, but we knew that there was nothing the love of our family couldn't fix….. or could it?

I guess rescue dogs are like foster children they all have past hurts and trust issues that you need to break down with love and patience. Many people think rescuing a dog is a great moral thing to do and some think it's they easy option rather than a puppy.... But where you can train most puppies in under 12 months, with a rescue dog it can take many years to build up the love and trust and sometimes they never fully recover from their past.

I had to break Mr Pickles in, I had to show him the pug life... So I took the lead... Firstly he was too skinny for a pug! I taught him about the treats and the good food and how to maximize every opportunity for food…... he may have taken this a little too seriously and may now be on the podgy side!!! Next was the variety of toys available, sadly Mr Pickles isn't very good at playing, he like to bite, he has bitten the hair off my legs…….. We are still working on this one but he is getting better at playing and doesn't bite as much. Next was the pool, he hated the pool and wouldn't go near it, now we do pug runs in and out of the pool through grandma’s house! And most importantly I am teaching him how to snuggle the humans, he use to bite at their faces but now he love them to death.... We wouldn't trade Mr Pickles for anything in the world! But we do know that rescuing a dog is very hard work and you should ensure you have the time, love and patients to teach a broken dog how to live and love again.