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Flying to NYC with Gwen the Black Pug

Posted by Winston Manner on 16th Oct 2016

Last month I got to go to NYC and visit my pals! It was so exciting. First, me and Mommy trained for over a month with my airplane bag. At first I wouldn't even go near the bag, but after a few weeks I would sit in the bag. Then i would lay in it. Then I might let mommy close me in. We trained everyday working with the scary bag. Then two weeks before my trip we went to the vet to get some medicine so I would not be scared or anxious on the flight. We also practiced with the medicine and my bag before our trip.

On the day of travel Mommy made sure to take me to camp so i got lots of exercise. Then I came home and went for a two mile walk with Mommy so that way I would be extra sleepy. Next she gave me the medicine and Daddy took us to the airport. When we got the airport, I pranced around on my leash and got lots of pets from fellow travelers. Mommy had to carry me through security as I had to take my harness off. But I was such a good girl, I did not make a sound. We walked to our gate past all sorts of scary suitcases and loud noises and again, I was a good girl and just walked along! Mommy was so proud of me, until it was time to board the plane and I had to get into my bag. We went into the bathroom and me and Mommy wrestled for 15 minutes to get me into my bag. All of my training went out the window, I was not going to go in that bag, every time Mommy almost got me zipped in, out I popped! Finally, she got me inside and settled and we got on our flight.

It was a short flight to NYC, only one hour, and I did not make a sound in my bag. Once we landed and walked off the jet bridge, Mommy let me out of the bag. Other passengers came up to Mommy to ask if I had been on the flight because they did not hear a sound!! Next we walked to meet my Uncle and ride the bus to get our luggage. I was a pro. We also stopped at the pet relief area at the airport for me to have a potty break before we took the subway into the city. By the time we got on the subway I was a pro at this travel thing. We got on, took a seat and I hopped up into Mommy's lap and went to sleep!

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