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Finding My Forever Home

21st Feb 2016

One Saturday in March, when I was about 18 weeks old I was hanging out at this house where I was sent to wait for my forever parents. Apparently the people that had promised to be my forever family had decided they could no longer take me in and some other lady was coming to visit. By this stage I was pretty comfortable in my half way home, I had the dogs and the humans wrapped around my little finger.

So the lady arrived with her Mum. She didn't really play with me much, even though I was showing her all of my tricks and how I can play tug-a-war with the other dogs. Her Mum loved me, giving me lots of cuddles, thinking I was cute. But I wasn't sure if this lady was going to take me, I think she was scared of the commitment.

But next thing I knew, I was in! I was in the car heading down the highway to my forever home, we even stopped at Mc Donald's on the way and I had my first taste of the cheese burger, I thought this was going to be great!

Next we went to the pet store, and this is where I realized this human had no idea and was not prepared for me, this was clearly a snap decision and she was in shock. We brought nearly everything in the store and I mean everything there was for puppies…. A bed, toilet, food, toys… lots of toys and I got my first pig’s ear for the trip home!

When we got home neither of us knew what to do next, it was like we were both aliens in each other's world, I was wary about the new place, and I think my new Mama was a little worried about how things would turn out……. She was stressed that she would forget to feed me!! (not realizing I am a pug and I demand all food).

But after a few days we were like peas and carrots, or cheese and crackers and we fell deeply in love with each other and we couldn’t dream of a better life together.. However she did take two weeks to name me..... But that's a story for another day.

Ma says I was the best thing that ever happened to her.

In a period of six months her relationship had broken down, her job had crumbled to bits, she had to make 40 of her staff redundant and although she was still employed, sometimes being the last man standing isn’t a good thing. She battled her way through distracting herself with a holiday and creating fairly meaningless projects.

She needed something more, some sort of purpose. She thought about getting a dog, but in her head there were more cons than pros, so she set a specific criteria, one almost impossible to meet. But then she found me!!!

Not only are dogs great companions, they’re also very good for your health; both mental and physical. Before me Ma was sick with a cold or flu every eight weeks for about three years, but in the 3 years we have been together she has only been sick twice. Her time gap has more then been filled, if anything she calls me her biggest time waster. And it’s also true what they say about the dog park being hot on the dating scene — it’s a very social place and she won’t like me telling you this but there have been some dates from the dog park!!

So if you’re a little lost like Ma was and need a companion, I’d be more than happy to help you pick out the right puppy for you. Trust me all those excuses you’re making, there are solutions.