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Diamond in the rough

Posted by Winston Manner on 10th Jul 2016

Many people think I am named after Winston Churchill, and some even say I look like him, round and rolly. As much as some of Ma's favourite quotes come from Winston Churchill the story of how I was named is not so simple.

Ma was lonely, she had broken up with her boyfriend the year before and her job was full of uncertainties….. She had to make a lot of people redundant. On top of that she was now rushing back to her family home to watch her best friend in the whole world, her Boxer Dog Cobie in his final days.

Ma brought Cobie when she was about 18, her Dad had just walked out on the family and he would never let them get a big dog, so as an act of rebellion Ma and Grandma went and got Cobie. He was a typical boxer, he would prance around on his tiptoes, always looking for fun and he was smart and unpredictable at the same time. Ma says he was a puppy until he was about 9 or 10 when he started to age and cancers started to attack his body. But he was a trooper, he and Ma fought together to beat any illness, Ma says she is sure she put and extra level on the vets house with all of the bills.

One Wednesday night Ma rushed to the family home thinking it would be Cobie's last night, she laid with him for hours thankfully he was still fairly responsive and alert that day. The next morning she received an email about a little black pug looking for a home, she saw this as a sign as she had always wanted a male black pug but they were hard to find and she didn't believe in ordering dogs online like a new dress, she believes you should meet a dog first…….. So that's where I come into the story.

I got to meet Cobie on my first day with Ma, he was 14 and fairly non-responsive, and I was scared of him because I had never seen a dog that big before but Cobie just laid there and lifted his head slightly to sniff me. Cobie fought on for another two weeks.... Meanwhile I was still waiting for Ma to name me... Sometimes she was calling me George, other time Louis or Harry...but I think Ma's heart was still with Cobie, I don't think she was ready to let go. On the day that she took Cobie to cross the rainbow...... She named me Winston... After Harry Winston Diamonds.....because diamonds are a girl’s best friend and I am her diamond in the rough times and always will be.