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Dear Santa, A Letter From Winston

30th Nov 2015

Dear Santa,

Ma says I am spoiled and that Christmas is about giving and not receiving. But I am always giving to da Ma and I have been such a good boy this year:-

  • Before she wakes each morning I share my first sneeze with her and she wakes up with da fresh mist from my nose
  • I always let her eat first and wait for my turn after she has had da first bite
  • I roll in her clean clothes so that she always has my smell everywhere she goes
  • I eat my own eye boogers so she doesn't have to waste tissues
  • After dinner I always go and fluff her duck-down pillows so she doesn't have to clean my face
  • I watch TV on HIGH ALERT to protect Ma from any animal that is going to leap out. I bark and thump the TV to warn them off
  • When she treats me with da raw bone when she goes out, I hide it in her bed so she can have the tasty surprise when she get home
  • I sit and smile when she takes bad photos of me and I let her post them in da Instagram and Facebook
  • Oh and don't forget da Pug Kitchen, I cook for da Ma every Sunday night

Ma says I should also list what I am grateful for:-

  • For all da people who believe in Ma and I and helped us launch da business
  • For da amazing customers who love our product and tell all their community about it and support us everyday
  • For my good looks that I can be da cute face of da brand
  • For my nanny who takes me to da park when Ma is too busy

This Christmas Ma and I are going to give back, we run da competition for Secret Santa so our friends can win some prizes. And we will do da donation to da RSPCA again this year to support da pups that aren't as spoiled as me.

Santa, can you make sure all of my friends have a Merry Christmas, make sure they get lots of turkey and ham and they have a loving home to snuggle and someone to share their turkey farts with!

For me I just want da best for next year.