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Flying to NYC with Gwen the Black Pug

Posted by Winston Manner on 16th Oct 2016

Last month I got to go to NYC and visit my pals! It was so exciting. First, me and Mommy trained for over a month with my airplane bag. At first I wouldn't even go near the bag, but after a few week … read more

Diamond in the rough

Posted by Winston Manner on 10th Jul 2016

Many people think I am named after Winston Churchill, and some even say I look like him, round and rolly. As much as some of Ma's favourite quotes come from Winston Churchill the story of how I wa … read more

The Art of Rescuing

Posted by Winston Manner on 27th May 2016

A year ago my family rescued a Pug from PugSOS, Mr Pickles. This was the family's first ever rescue dog and boy we didn't know what we were in for!!We had been looking for a dog for grandma and she … read more

Finding My Forever Home

21st Feb 2016

One Saturday in March, when I was about 18 weeks old I was hanging out at this house where I was sent to wait for my forever parents. Apparently the people that had promised to be my forever family … read more

Dear Santa, A Letter From Winston

30th Nov 2015

Dear Santa,Ma says I am spoiled and that Christmas is about giving and not receiving. But I am always giving to da Ma and I have been such a good boy this year:-Before she wakes each morning I share … read more